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2012-07-18 부터 채널을 시작했어요! CH.
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Only some contents that includes Minecraft Animation are translated by the moment.
We will keep uploading more entertaining Minecraft Animation, so stay tuned and

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우주로 떠난 쌍둥이 로봇 각수 이야기 *쓸데있이 감동적인 이야기* 리뷰
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*무한의 스텝* 흥 폭발 캐릭터들로 신바람 무한스텝잼 리뷰
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도할아버지 맘대로 "동화섞기" 막막막장 상황극 리뷰
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The Revealed Past of Reaper Dotty. “Reaper’s School: Guardians of Balance” Episode 4 리뷰
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