Marianne Topacio

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2009-04-09 부터 채널을 시작했어요! CH.
Hey guys! I'm Marianne Topacio, an aspiring recording artist and performer from the Philippines, now based in Japan!

I mostly make cover songs of Korean drama OSTs and write my own interpretation of these songs in Filipino and English. I also sing mainstream, Kpop, Jpop, and OPM songs and vlog about some of my travels in Japan. :)

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Disclaimer: The OST covers that I make are not direct translations from Korean/Chinese. My Filipino renditions are translated from English to Filipino, and the English ones are my rewrite/rearranged versions based on the English lyrics that are available online. Although it could be a bit challenging at times, I always try my best to retain the meaning of the songs when composing. :)
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[OPM] HANGGANG NGAYON (KYLA) Cover by Marianne Topacio ft. CoversPH 리뷰
재생시간 : 15,420초
조회수 : 19,313회 리뷰
[OPM COVER] BAKIT BA IKAW (MICHAEL PANGILINAN) by Marianne Topacio ft. CoversPH 리뷰
재생시간 : 16,740초
조회수 : 16,088회 리뷰
[ENGLISH] QING FEI DE YI 情非得已 (METEOR GARDEN OST) by Marianne Topacio ft. Boy Hapay 리뷰
재생시간 : 13,200초
조회수 : 1,062회 리뷰
[ACOUSTIC COVER] ALL I ASK (ADELE) by Marianne Topacio ft. AcoustiClub 리뷰
재생시간 : 13,080초
조회수 : 4,033회 리뷰
[COVER] REMEMBER ME (LULLABY-DISNEY OST) by Marianne Topacio ft. Tully Piano 리뷰