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2014-07-29 부터 채널을 시작했어요!
SoNE1 is the first and only K-pop dance crew based in UC Davis. Since its inception in 2012, SoNE1 has aimed to showcase the diversity of the K-pop genre. Some notable performances include KCONUSA in Los Angeles and Korean Heritage Night by the San Francisco Giants.

In addition to live performances, SoNE1 started its eponymous YouTube channel that began during the summer of 2014. Now passed the 100,000 subscriber milestone, SoNE1 hopes to continue to expand the channel and to spread their love of K-pop.

Thank you for showing interest in SoNE1’s channel! SoNE1 is just a group of university students doing what they love and they are always amazed with the responses that they get from the K-pop community. SoNE1 always strives to produce even better performances and covers, so if you like what we do now, please look forward to their future endeavors!

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재생시간 : 7,500초
조회수 : 13,437회
[K-pop in Public Challenge] (G)I-DLE((여자)아이들) - Senorita Full Dance Cover by SoNE1
재생시간 : 12,900초
조회수 : 11,731회
재생시간 : 14,220초
조회수 : 165,008회
Apink (에이핑크) - %% (Eung Eung(응응)) Full Dance Cover by SoNE1
재생시간 : 16,740초
조회수 : 135,110회
WINNER (위너) - MILLIONS Full Dance Cover by SoNE1
재생시간 : 15,060초
조회수 : 76,170회
[K-pop in Public Challenge] SUNMI (선미) - Siren(사이렌) Full Dance Cover by SoNE1
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