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2011-09-13 부터 채널을 시작했어요!
Official second channel for Waveya Dance Group ( We share some of our performance videos as well as our live stream videos here.

Waveya is YouTube's #1 Korean dance team. Winner of #1 UGC Channel from YouTube Korea 2012, 2013 and 2014. Please subscribe for new dance videos of Kpop and Western music.

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Happy is doing its laundry
재생시간 : 6,960초
조회수 : 1,336회
Let me introduce a street cat, Nurungji (Hear attack alert)
재생시간 : 7,080초
조회수 : 1,698회
Heart Attack! Cute Cat's Crying (Happy)
재생시간 : 11,520초
조회수 : 4,217회
Cheese chattering at birds
재생시간 : 10,140초
조회수 : 1,287회
Funny Cat Dance
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